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WooTax is a WooCommerce extension that harnesses the power of TaxCloud to quickly and accurately calculate sales tax for WooCommerce transactions. Unlike alternative solutions, which rely on expensive third-party services to perform tax calculations, WooTax integrates with a free, cloud-based tax compliance solution to ensure minimized costs and optimal site performance.

In a world of complex tax laws, the WooCommerce tax mechanism is entirely inadequate. For the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to handle WooCommerce taxes, look no further than WooTax.

  • Accurately calculate sales tax using TaxCloud
  • Avoid cumbersome tax tables and a slow storefront
  • Get detailed reports on tax collected through TaxCloud
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cheap, effective sales tax solution, and never worry about sales tax again!

Download WooTax for only $25

Are you ready to end your WooCommerce tax nightmares? Instead of spending money on solutions that slow down your website or simply don't work, give WooTax a try. You will not be disappointed.

NOTE: WooTax can only calculate sales tax for customers with United States shipping addresses. It will be disabled for international customers.

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Welcome to WooTax

A simple and effective solution for handling WooCommerce taxes


WooTax is packed full of features and includes support via email and live chat

Easy Configuration

Configuring WooTax is easy! With the help of our handy Installation Guide, you will be up and running in no time.

Excellent Support

WooTax includes support via live chat and email, so assistance is always available when you need it most.

Automatic Updates

When a new version of WooTax is released, customers are notified via email and the WordPress updater. You'll never miss out on important updates.

Detailed Reports

TaxCloud generates detailed reports that make it a breeze to prepare sales tax returns.


See what customers are saying about WooTax

Lucas B., WooTax Customer

I just migrated from WP eCommerce and the TaxNOW plugin for TaxCloud and I have to say, "I LOVE your plugin." It is so much easier to navigate, work, and use that it makes me angry that I ever installed WP eCommerce to begin with. WooCommerce + WooTax + TaxCloud = awesome.

R. David L. Campbell, FedTax CEO

We were very excited to learn of the WooTax effort. Brett and his team have created one of the best implementations of our TaxCloud APIs we have seen so far.

Krystian, WooTax Customer

Applying Wootax to my website was a no brainer. Setup was quick and easy and it allowed my complex NY and out-of-state sales tax to be calculated effortlessly. I had run into an issue and reached out to support, to which they've worked with me patiently on resolving. A+ on support, functionality, and ease. I recommend Wootax without hesitation.

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Start charging accurate sales tax for just $25

Be warned: your days of struggling with WooCommerce taxes are about to end.

NOTE: WooTax can only calculate sales tax for customers with United States shipping addresses.